When to Delegate Tasks in Your Business

Delegating tasks is not always easy. Delegation involves letting go of the reins of control, in order to do more. However, sometimes we need a little nudge.

Here are few signs, that it might be time for you to start delegating tasks in your business.

When you feel like you have more tasks than time, it’s time to delegate. Honestly, you are only one person with a certain amount of energy. As you get older, grow your business, and deal with life, your energy level will change. Knowing when to let go and allow someone to help you will not only position you as a leader, but allow others to grow with you.

When you are stuck in the busy work, it’s time to delegate. Companies, large and small have an administrative staff for a reason. An administrative assistant is typically a person responsible for providing various kinds of administrative assistance support such as filing, interoffice and outer-office correspondence, billing, managing clients, etc. If you’re finding that you are spending a large chunk of your day in the “busy” work (filing, organizing, etc), it’s time to outsource the tasks. If you’re not willing to pay to outsource the tasks, ask yourself if these tasks are just distractions from what you really should be focusing on.

When the phone is constantly ringing during the day, it’s time to delegate. Virtual assistants (or an answering service) can answer incoming phone calls, take messages, schedule appointments and act as your ‘front desk’ person. It’s virtually impossible to answer all your incoming calls, make sales calls, call clients and be the creative genius that you and and also be a switch-board operator.

When you your work is twice as much as it was when you started, it’s time to delegate. You know what it feels like to work at capacity. So why would you work at double capacity and stress yourself out. Have you considered hiring college interns to assist you? Working with interns is a great way to delegate work, mentor someone in your community and get stuff done. Contact your local university or college to see how you can add your company to their internship opportunity list.

“If you want to do a few small things right, do them yourself. If you want to do great things and make a big impact, learn to delegate.” – John C. Maxwell, American author

So, have you thought about delegating tasks in your business? Do you fall into any of the above categories? If so, we’re here to help.

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