You’ve started your own business and you’re feeling all bubbly and excited, but then realize how much is really involved in running it successfully. Or you’ve been in business for a while and can’t seem to further your business goals because you are overwhelmed with the many moving parts of your back office. There is paperwork, hard and soft. Online marketing to include maintaining a social media presence to connect with your clients and entice potential new business. Customer service, which MUST be done to serve your existing clients. And the list goes on and on.

With all the demands that you will face everyday, when will you have time to brainstorm about your business to discover new ways of making it more profitable? Oh I know, it’s nonexistent! What you need is someone to help you with your administrative work. Neglecting your administrative tasks can lead to an administrative nightmare!

A Virtual Assistant is an online partner who will handle all of your mundane and tedious tasks so you can focus on what matters most, your PASSION, INCOME PRODUCING TASKS. If you’re not yet sure that you need a Virtual Assistant, consider these 10 signs that YOU DO:

1. You’ don’t have an Assistant. You’re wearing all the hats in your business daily. How’s that working out for you?

2. You are missing important meetings. If you have missed even one client meeting due to lack of time, you need a VA. This is critical because it reflect your reliability, professionalism and could damage important relationships. A VA can organize your schedule to ensure that you are on time for all appointments and take that task off your plate.

3. Email insanity. Your inbox has over 10k unread messages. If your time is too tight, you won’t have enough time to answer important emails in a timely manner. Late responses are often not tolerated because it makes them feel unimportant. The key to a successful business is also Follow up and follow through. Let your VA help keep the communication process between your business and your clients as seamless as possible.

4. You’re voice mail is full.  “This subscribers voice mail is full and you are unable to leave a message at this time..” You’ve heard this message before, oh that’s right it’s yours! It’s ok to miss a call, but it’s not ok when the caller is unable to leave you a message. This could be the first call from a potential client and as the saying goes, first impressions set the tone for how you are perceived. However, you’re wearing all the hats of your business and you simply don’t have the time to listen to all your messages. Let your VA take control to further keep the lines of communications clear.

5.  Research, Research, Research.  All you do is research! Do you find yourself spending hours a day researching new trends or techniques for your business? If the answer is yes, then your not maximizing your productivity. Tell your VA what you need and he/she will find the solution while you focus on other important matters.

6. You’re not getting paid. You don’t have time or you forget to send your invoices out or handle your bookkeeping needs. Hire a VA and get that off your plate.

7.  You’re unable to keep up with your scheduled send-outs.  The best way to keep customers engaged is to supply them with interesting information on a consistent basis. If you have an opt-in monthly e-mail list, make sure they receive that monthly and on-time. If you have too much to do and forget to do the send-outs it can be hard to catch up. Hire a VA and get that off your plate.

8.  No social media presence.  In an online driven world, it’s imperative that your business has a social media presence. Based on the type of business you have it may not be necessary for you to be on all of them, but you should have some sort of social media footprint. Social media is a free and easy way to expose millions of consumers to your business. By not having a presence you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to promote your services and build a pipeline of business. Nowadays consumers want to get to know the person behind the brand and social media is the most efficient tool to do this. Your VA can manage all of your social media outlets and maintain a consistent social media presence for your business.

9. You work 24/7. It is  important to define your business hours, so you don’t risk compromising your private relationships with friends and family. If you have been working late into the evenings and even on your weekends, it is time to seek assistance.

10. Sleep deprivation. If you’re wearing all of hats in your business daily, when do you sleep?! At this stage your sleep is more accidental than on purpose. Ge the help you need NOW! You’re personal and business health is at risk.

An efficient VA has the  proficiency, skill and expertise to quickly identify how best to serve you and offer effective solutions that add value to your bottom line.  Do yourself and your business a favor and hire a VA today! You will thank me later!

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