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We Assist You With Your Back Office in 3 Main Areas


We handle your admin work that can consume your time so you can focus on what you do best.


We create custom graphics and collateral for use in marketing your services and products.


We create sales tools, customized documents, and help you along the sales process.

What our customers say

Since starting my company in 2010, I have done all of my own administrative requirements. After significant growth, I needed a high speed virtual assistant that I could depend on. I am so thankful for Shayna and BostonFirst. They have performed flawlessly and without much guidance!

From scheduling to event support to client relations, they have made running my businesses easier which frees me up to handle service delivery, growing my business and spending quality time with the ones I love.

BostonFirst is the best. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 33 years and over the years, I’ve hired assistants. I can say that BostonFirst has far exceeded my expectations. There are a lot of moving pieces to my company and it takes a organization who is professional, organized, efficient, can think for me and think on their feet. BostonFirst is all of these things and more. Since having BostonFirst aboard, I can now focus on more income generating tasks and allow her to handle my back office duties. The back office is very important to the success of any company. I highly recommend BostonFirst’s services because they are not only qualified and the best at what they do, they does it with such ease & grace. I’m simply honored to have them as a part of my team.

Thank you BostonFirst for hand carrying my brand to an elevated level of success. So relieved that you are not just part of my team, but managing my companies so that I can get back to what I do best!

I will like to give Shayna M. Boston, a shout out I appreciate all the work you have done for 519 Beauty!!!
If you have a business or an upcoming business she’s the lady you need on your team, from marketing to bookkeeping, getting you a business logo plus more at great prices!!! It’s worth it I promise, so to everyone in business or just starting out give her a call you won’t regret it, everything stamped and sealed 519 Beauty down to my appointment books, I love it and thanks again!

Thank you for giving me that hard & extra push that I needed and for getting everything lined up for Savor The Flavor Kitchen, LLC. I will forever love you!!